lördag 26 september 2015

Mule Deer 337 points

Today something happened that I had been waiting on for months. I shot my first non-typical mule deer in The Hunter. 337,556 was the point of this animal. As an added bonus so I filmed it. So it's going up on Youtube tomorrow.
I also shot three mule females.

Hold out as the film tomorrow. Can say that it was a trip that I had never experienced before on The Hunter. 10 hours hunter time. (5 h irl) I was ready to shoot at 09, but he saw me, then began a pursuit of over 24 kilometers. When I finally shot it was in the last shooting light. Many profanity and even the excitement of djuert I had in front of me. He was powerful

Peace, peeps!

söndag 20 september 2015

Spidelweb on Hypixel

Now I've done a lot. Has made sure that my gaming Youtube is linked to my own Google+ profile. There was untenable to have a Google+ page, where I will drive on with it in an attempt to get started on Youtube seriously. Could it be that I need to break out my Google+ with my account on Youtube so now has the opportunity, I had not before. Now also a new header on my blog / site, it will also connect all parts of the social media noise. It is a science in that I found almost everywhere.

Facebook will not I be on, it is the biggest piece of shit company of the all. The bastards leaking my data to the right and left, and not ashamed of it either.
The sucker Zuckerberg earn money on what others deserve. I would charge for my own information, but that time will soon enough. Then bastards Facebook then an invoice in the mail directly.

So now I got puke on Facebook, was a while ago. Haha..

So now we check on my new series, Spindelweb on Hypixel. 

Run hard and run like hell.

#spindelweb #minecraft #hypixel 

fredag 4 september 2015


Now there will be a competition here that I look very much forward to. The challenge will be that you make a new skin to me in Minecraft. The only thing I ask is that there should be a 3D skin and that you created it yourself. Then you can create freely whatever you want. I will be the supreme Judge. Whoever wins will get a very nice price plus that person will be featured in my Youtube and Twitter.

Send in your skin to my mail: spindelweb@gmail.com

Good luck and you know that no one can stop you. :)

Here's my skin that I have now.

#competition #minecraft #prizes #skin #minecraftskin

torsdag 3 september 2015

Killing Zone Ep 4 Special Edition

Killing Zone Ep 4 Special Edition is out.


My donation pages. Has two donation pages, it is at PayPal and Patreol. I have a goal to get approximately $ 2500 / € 2200 to buy a new computer. It would be really fun, then I can really make all the videos that I want and upload on Youtube.

Do you wanna donate, so use this sites. I´m very thankful for every penny/pence I can get. XOXO