lördag 8 augusti 2015

Hi dudes!

Today I start a new site just for the game, The Hunter I shall call it The Hunter Guides. The idea behind this site is that people should be able to go into this and find out the things that are often forgotten at The Hunters side and in their forum which I think is a hell to look. Here you will find what you need and a lot more just that particular reserve that you think of.
You will also be able to go on hunts, tips and tricks, everything you imagine.
I also intend to invite guests here on the site that can tell us about their experience and hardships. Of course, I have some hunters on my wish list. One has already promised to write this, but whoever it is, you will soon see.
First up will be a guide of Val-des-Bois. The mythical mountain with the rare and shy Alpine Ibex. Can suggest some places that not many people have done, but very good if you want to shoot Ibex.
I will sometimes go online and run multi-play, so then you can hunt with me. All you do then is make friends with me in the game, where I called Spindelweb. I usually have 4-5 players with me.
Hope you will enjoy your stay here on the site and comment if it is something.
Happy hunting, dudes!

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