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Val-des-Bois Part 1.

Val-des-bois is perhaps the reserve that gives us hunters, most of the challenge. One must climb treacherous cliffs and in the middle of everything so there is the rather aggressive brown bear. But there is also the added bonus of Alpine Ibex. This species does not exist anywhere else than right in Val-des-Bois. Personally, I love to hunt Ibex. But I am also human with mountains in my blood. I've explored most of the mountains inside out. If I am to judge the chances of getting large Ibex, it is the southern mountains.

Here is the map that contains the cottages and climbing opportunities.
Here is the map showing where the different species exist, but they may be on other places.

These maps are really the only thing you need if you want a targeted hunting of the species you like to shoot. Like Alpine Ibex so get climbing equipment and begin to climb in the southern mountains. The northern mountains, you can actually reach without climbing equipment.

If you want to visit from the southern mountains there is some climbing rope to save. If you are going to take you from 1 to 7 that the map above. You start at the cottage Maison du Nean, there you go southeast and coming soon on one, climbs up on the plateau. Before proceeding to the two so turn right and towards the border and back. May be fine Ibex there. Road to 2 has lots of terrain, carefully check up on the hillsides on both sides and in the terrain in the valley.

You climb down at 2 and then, head to the 3. Here you can add lots of time and you are patient and see the opportunities will also be rewarded. In the mountains, patience is a virtue. So take it easy, you run, you'll scare the mountain sheep far away.When you reach 3 as are various possibilities. One is to jump down from the precipice, and to have first aid on hand, and continue to 4. The second suggestion is if you have a tent at 5 at the mountain crest, fast travel to the tent. The third proposal is to fast travel to the cottage Chalet du Mont-Bleu and then go to 4. I usually climb down and go to the 4. There are some red deer in the area there.When you stand up on the 4 ropes, go to the church ruins that you see to
to the right. If you stand with the Church in the back there is a path up right up over the mountain ridge. The part that is difficult, do you just left and you'll be up and can take only one edge of the reserve on the mountain. There is an incredible view where it is clear, but it rains quite often there. There are some on the left side of the ridge where one can get down unharmed down to 6. Climb at 6 and then down to the seventh

I myself can add 3-4 hours between 5-7. Now we come to 7, here I have always with me a tree stand. Go down 50 meters into the forest and set up your platform and climb up. Here the pure traffic Ibex. Just make sure you use crossbows or bows. This way I go often and it takes almost whole hunting day if you are patient. In this route if you have a tent you fix it with 3 ropes in 20 uses. 

Good luck!

Happy hunting, dudes!


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