onsdag 9 december 2015

Star Wars Battlefront

I most say that the new Star Wars Battlefront is amazing to play. The graphic is fantastic and the game is super good. But if I want to buy it, so is the answer no. The game maybe is fantastic, but it no new about it. Same first shooter game as we seen for over 20 years. Just graphic who have change.

As gameplay to look at on Youtube is so boring. Same game over and over again. So I should not buy it, but I can play it some time with my daughters.

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torsdag 3 december 2015

My first post here on Blogger.

It´s not my first post on Blogger, have blogger over 10 years. But now it´s my Slabg1r who shall have one blog to play with. So welcome and it´s coming mor content here in a few days, when I have get going everyhing.

lördag 17 oktober 2015

Spindelweb Gang War

It is out of these zombies attacks on villagers villages. I have collected a lot of weapons and armor, to prepare the villagers for war against these savages. This will be my new series on Minecraft. and I have called it Gang war.
So stay tuned to the channel for it will be epic battles, with the preparation, intrigue and lots of war.

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söndag 11 oktober 2015

Hunting on the Whiterime Ridge.

I just render a new hunting video. It´s take som time. 5,5 hours. But now it´s on Youtube. So here it´s, this is the new reserve called Whiterime Ridge. It´s an artic area so you most have warm cloths on. I have the free ones, and it´s good to go. I think that the free cloths are much nicer then the camo cloths. It´s little more artic feeling in the free dress.

If you wanna folllow me on twitter, you may follow this link: Spindelwebs Twitter

So sit and relax throu the video and don´t forget to subscribe my channel and push the thumbs up.

Have a good day. XOXO

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lördag 10 oktober 2015



I usually do not ask for something, but I strive on as usual. Now I had to make sure to ask for donations. So here it is, I have a goal right now life to live on Youtube. I have, as I said previously undergone a heart transplant. It's been good, but I have lost valuable years through this. It began over four years ago with a major heart attack. After that, I hovered between life and death many times. Now I feel good and want to fulfill my goal, as I sat up when I lay in the hospital bed.Sweden today has changed a lot. It is not desirable that workers at the age of 45 years. I am a fun guy who likes and joke and I think Youtube is my element. My game interest I had in the 70's with the first TV brackets. Since I have gone backward movement through the game world. Today I am most PC players and PS players.What I want to achieve is to reach $ 2000 so I can get a really good computer. It would do a lot, then skule I be able to play all the games and future games. Then I turn on my channel on Youtube seriously. I know what I can and what I want.You can give your support and help me achieve this goal. 

You can proceed in two ways. Either you deposit money in my PayPal account or make a contribution per month on any of dollars. The information found below.

I accept the smallest contribution with lots of joy. You as a human being is incredible that adds a contribution that would make a big difference. What I can do for you are my Patron and give me donations, it is to give you the giveaways as a thank you. It come be a lot of giveaways for those who have given me support through this.

As the first gift you can play as Spindelweb with a skin of Minecraft if you want. It is available below. Just save and paste the www.minecraft.net.
There is little for the new, but it will games and other giveaways that are quite valuable.
So down here you can be my Patron or just give a donation.
Thanks in advance, we will be heard later. Have a good night, day, or wherever you are in the world.

Bye peeps! OXOX

My skin: 

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Jag brukar inte be om något utan jag strävar på som vanligt. Nu är jag tvungen att se till att be om donation. Så här det, jag har en mål just nu livet att kunna leva på Youtube. Jag har som jag sagt förut genomgått en hjärttransplantation. Det har gått bra, men jag har förlorat mycket värdefulla år genom detta. Det började för över fyra år sedan med en stor hjärtinfarkt. Efter det så har jag svävat mellan liv och död många gånger. Nu mår jag bra och vill uppfylla mitt mål, som jag satte upp när jag låg i sjuksängen.

Sverige idag har förändrats mycket. Man är inte önskvärd som arbetskraft när man fyllt 45 år. Jag är en kul kille som gillar och skämta och jag tror att Youtube är mitt rätta element. Mitt spelintresse fick jag på 70 talet med de första TV-konsolerna. Sedan har jag gått kräftgång genom spelens värld. Idag är jag mest en PC spelare och PS spelare.

Det jag vill uppnå är att kunna nå $2000 så jag kan skaffa en riktigt bra dator. Det skulle göra massor, då skule jag kunna spela alla spel och framtidens spel med. Då kan jag sätta igång min kanal på Youtube på allvar. Jag vet vad jag kan och vad jag vill.

Du kan ge ditt stöd och hjälpa mig att uppnå detta mål.

Du kan gå tillväga på två sätt. Antingen så sätter du in pengar på mitt PayPal konto eller ger ett bidrag per månad på någon dollar. Uppgifterna finns här nedan.

Jag tar emot minsta lilla bidrag med massor av glädje. Du som människa är otroligt som lägger ett bidrag, vilket skulle göra stor skillnad. Det jag kan göra för er som är mina Patrons eller ger mig donationer, det är att ge er giveaways som tack. Det kommer bli en massa giveaways för de som gett mig stöd genom detta.

Som första gåva så kan du spela som Spindelweb med en skin på Minecraft om du vill. Den finns här nedan. Bara spara och klistra in på www.minecraft.net.
Det är det lilla för ny, men det kommer spel och andra giveaways som är ganska värdefulla.
Så här nere kan du bli min Patron eller bara ge en donation.
Tack på förhand så kommer vi höras senare. Ha en bra kväll, dag eller vart du än är i världen. 

Bye peeps! OXOX  

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onsdag 7 oktober 2015

Deer Hunter

Hello peeps!
Today I see a movie that I put up on Youtube. It was a few days ago. I call it the mule deer slaughter. I hunted mule deer and unfortunately, I saw not a single buck, so you have to put up some female deer, but it is no less exciting for it. So I hope you enjoy it and find it a bit exciting.
Do not forget to subscribe and press the light button.

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lördag 26 september 2015

Mule Deer 337 points

Today something happened that I had been waiting on for months. I shot my first non-typical mule deer in The Hunter. 337,556 was the point of this animal. As an added bonus so I filmed it. So it's going up on Youtube tomorrow.
I also shot three mule females.

Hold out as the film tomorrow. Can say that it was a trip that I had never experienced before on The Hunter. 10 hours hunter time. (5 h irl) I was ready to shoot at 09, but he saw me, then began a pursuit of over 24 kilometers. When I finally shot it was in the last shooting light. Many profanity and even the excitement of djuert I had in front of me. He was powerful

Peace, peeps!

söndag 20 september 2015

Spidelweb on Hypixel

Now I've done a lot. Has made sure that my gaming Youtube is linked to my own Google+ profile. There was untenable to have a Google+ page, where I will drive on with it in an attempt to get started on Youtube seriously. Could it be that I need to break out my Google+ with my account on Youtube so now has the opportunity, I had not before. Now also a new header on my blog / site, it will also connect all parts of the social media noise. It is a science in that I found almost everywhere.

Facebook will not I be on, it is the biggest piece of shit company of the all. The bastards leaking my data to the right and left, and not ashamed of it either.
The sucker Zuckerberg earn money on what others deserve. I would charge for my own information, but that time will soon enough. Then bastards Facebook then an invoice in the mail directly.

So now I got puke on Facebook, was a while ago. Haha..

So now we check on my new series, Spindelweb on Hypixel. 

Run hard and run like hell.

#spindelweb #minecraft #hypixel 

fredag 4 september 2015


Now there will be a competition here that I look very much forward to. The challenge will be that you make a new skin to me in Minecraft. The only thing I ask is that there should be a 3D skin and that you created it yourself. Then you can create freely whatever you want. I will be the supreme Judge. Whoever wins will get a very nice price plus that person will be featured in my Youtube and Twitter.

Send in your skin to my mail: spindelweb@gmail.com

Good luck and you know that no one can stop you. :)

Here's my skin that I have now.

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torsdag 3 september 2015

Killing Zone Ep 4 Special Edition

Killing Zone Ep 4 Special Edition is out.


My donation pages. Has two donation pages, it is at PayPal and Patreol. I have a goal to get approximately $ 2500 / € 2200 to buy a new computer. It would be really fun, then I can really make all the videos that I want and upload on Youtube.

Do you wanna donate, so use this sites. I´m very thankful for every penny/pence I can get. XOXO



lördag 15 augusti 2015


I hunt not only but there will be a lot of other games. I've been playing Minecraft when Notch released the game. Today I run the SwedeCraft and the World of Keralis. Here a video of SC server. But before I have a picture from the friends I played with for long.

#minecraft #swedecraft #game

torsdag 13 augusti 2015

Killer Zone 3 is out!

After a few days of hospital visits and other things so I made a video. The good news is that I, I will not take any more biopsy in three months. In extended so I will start to invest more and create with equipment that is brand new. Everything from computers to an entire room will become a youtube studio.

But here we go, Killer Zone is out. Just want to thank RavenProDesign for the new intro.

Anders XOXO

måndag 10 augusti 2015

Bronze medal.

I got a bronze medal for my red deer stag. Even if I had shot my personal best so I did not have anything else a bronze medal. I love to hunt red deer, even irl. They are low mischievous and can sometimes go bananas. Personally I think the real horns are more impressive than those in the game. But that's my opinion.

söndag 9 augusti 2015

The tiny stag.

Yesterday I was in Val-des-Bois to try to compete to shoot the largest red deer stag. This is very difficult when this mountainous region has not been as big stags. But I managed the feat and is now second in the race.
I filmed, but the sound where it's something wrong. Just get a little music.

Happy hunting.

Val-des-Bois Part 1.

Val-des-bois is perhaps the reserve that gives us hunters, most of the challenge. One must climb treacherous cliffs and in the middle of everything so there is the rather aggressive brown bear. But there is also the added bonus of Alpine Ibex. This species does not exist anywhere else than right in Val-des-Bois. Personally, I love to hunt Ibex. But I am also human with mountains in my blood. I've explored most of the mountains inside out. If I am to judge the chances of getting large Ibex, it is the southern mountains.

Here is the map that contains the cottages and climbing opportunities.
Here is the map showing where the different species exist, but they may be on other places.

These maps are really the only thing you need if you want a targeted hunting of the species you like to shoot. Like Alpine Ibex so get climbing equipment and begin to climb in the southern mountains. The northern mountains, you can actually reach without climbing equipment.

If you want to visit from the southern mountains there is some climbing rope to save. If you are going to take you from 1 to 7 that the map above. You start at the cottage Maison du Nean, there you go southeast and coming soon on one, climbs up on the plateau. Before proceeding to the two so turn right and towards the border and back. May be fine Ibex there. Road to 2 has lots of terrain, carefully check up on the hillsides on both sides and in the terrain in the valley.

You climb down at 2 and then, head to the 3. Here you can add lots of time and you are patient and see the opportunities will also be rewarded. In the mountains, patience is a virtue. So take it easy, you run, you'll scare the mountain sheep far away.When you reach 3 as are various possibilities. One is to jump down from the precipice, and to have first aid on hand, and continue to 4. The second suggestion is if you have a tent at 5 at the mountain crest, fast travel to the tent. The third proposal is to fast travel to the cottage Chalet du Mont-Bleu and then go to 4. I usually climb down and go to the 4. There are some red deer in the area there.When you stand up on the 4 ropes, go to the church ruins that you see to
to the right. If you stand with the Church in the back there is a path up right up over the mountain ridge. The part that is difficult, do you just left and you'll be up and can take only one edge of the reserve on the mountain. There is an incredible view where it is clear, but it rains quite often there. There are some on the left side of the ridge where one can get down unharmed down to 6. Climb at 6 and then down to the seventh

I myself can add 3-4 hours between 5-7. Now we come to 7, here I have always with me a tree stand. Go down 50 meters into the forest and set up your platform and climb up. Here the pure traffic Ibex. Just make sure you use crossbows or bows. This way I go often and it takes almost whole hunting day if you are patient. In this route if you have a tent you fix it with 3 ropes in 20 uses. 

Good luck!

Happy hunting, dudes!


lördag 8 augusti 2015

Hi dudes!

Today I start a new site just for the game, The Hunter I shall call it The Hunter Guides. The idea behind this site is that people should be able to go into this and find out the things that are often forgotten at The Hunters side and in their forum which I think is a hell to look. Here you will find what you need and a lot more just that particular reserve that you think of.
You will also be able to go on hunts, tips and tricks, everything you imagine.
I also intend to invite guests here on the site that can tell us about their experience and hardships. Of course, I have some hunters on my wish list. One has already promised to write this, but whoever it is, you will soon see.
First up will be a guide of Val-des-Bois. The mythical mountain with the rare and shy Alpine Ibex. Can suggest some places that not many people have done, but very good if you want to shoot Ibex.
I will sometimes go online and run multi-play, so then you can hunt with me. All you do then is make friends with me in the game, where I called Spindelweb. I usually have 4-5 players with me.
Hope you will enjoy your stay here on the site and comment if it is something.
Happy hunting, dudes!