söndag 20 september 2015

Spidelweb on Hypixel

Now I've done a lot. Has made sure that my gaming Youtube is linked to my own Google+ profile. There was untenable to have a Google+ page, where I will drive on with it in an attempt to get started on Youtube seriously. Could it be that I need to break out my Google+ with my account on Youtube so now has the opportunity, I had not before. Now also a new header on my blog / site, it will also connect all parts of the social media noise. It is a science in that I found almost everywhere.

Facebook will not I be on, it is the biggest piece of shit company of the all. The bastards leaking my data to the right and left, and not ashamed of it either.
The sucker Zuckerberg earn money on what others deserve. I would charge for my own information, but that time will soon enough. Then bastards Facebook then an invoice in the mail directly.

So now I got puke on Facebook, was a while ago. Haha..

So now we check on my new series, Spindelweb on Hypixel. 

Run hard and run like hell.

#spindelweb #minecraft #hypixel 

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